I’m Back!

Hello everyone! It’s been almost a year since I left Korea and therefore last posted something on this blog. Who would have thought I’d be back so soon, I certainly didn’t. Anyways, I am back in Korea and am taking this opportunity to share some of my experiences with you once again.

For those of you who don’t remember: last year I stayed in Daejeon for about 5 months to study at Pai Chai University for one semester. I came back to Korea this time to do an internship at the German Embassy in Seoul.

I arrived in Seoul about a week ago and was sheer overwhelmed by the huge number of people and traffic and things going on. I have been here before and should know better, but it seems like I simply forgot what it’s like to be one of 10 million in a city like Seoul. Korea has a population density of about 500 people per square kilometre (to give you a comparison: Germany has a population density of about 225ppl/km² and it’s also quite populated for it’s size). Anyways, look at the following pictures to get a better understanding of what I am talking about:

The weekend I arrived there was an International Festival going on just one street from where I live. In every booth food from a different country was being sold. But to be honest, I was looking at the amount of people more than the food.

In Seoul I live in the district called Itaewon, which is known for it’s foreign flair. If you are craving foreign food, this is the place to look for it. Several foreign embassies are based in Itaewon and a US military base is located here. I live in a hostel just about 5 minutes walk from the German embassy (very convenient). My room is very small but I can call it my own as well as a private bathroom, so I am quite happy staying there. Here are photos of the street I live in and the view from the rooftop of the hostel:

The advantage of being in a city like Seoul is that there isn’t anything you can’t do. You might have to travel on the subway for an hour, but you will find almost anything you are looking for. Currently I am mostly trying to find my way around Itaewon and the surroundings and try to discover everything I can reach on foot or by bike. You heard me, bike!! One of my colleagues had a bike left over (and not just any bike! a v v nice mountainbike) so now I am cruising through the city 😉 Only about 10 minutes from my house flows the Hangang river. It’s riverside is an oasis of recreation as there is room for bikers, joggers and there are work-out devices. The Han river was voted one of the most scenic locations in Seoul and I can only agree, it is beautiful. When being at the quiet riverside it feels almost unreal that you are amidst skyscrapers in a city of 10 millions. Next time I will post some photos.

A  short update about my job at the embassy: I really like working there. Throughout my internship I will go through the the different departments within the embassy, get to know their duties and responsibilities and be part of their jobs as well as working on independent tasks. Therefore: thumbs up!

That’s it from me for my first week.  I hope you all have a great new week and I hear from you guys from time to time.

Best wishes from Seoul!



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