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Annyong Hasaeyo! (A Korean Hello!)

I have been in Seoul for over two months now and haven’t posted anything on here for ages! That is due to the fact that I am having a great time here and always out and about. I have seen a lot, done a lot, made some great friends and really like my job. I can’t believe that in under two weeks I will already be on my way back to Germany.

How do I sum up the last weeks… They were filled with sightseeing, Korean food, music, hiking and work of course. However, the internship is everything but bland. Of course I do a lot of office work, but I also attend international conferences, help organise events, bake waffles on Christmas markets and do networking. If you are interested in the work of the German Embassy in Seoul, check out our Facebook page:  😉

One highlight of my stay in Seoul was a roadtrip with some friends. We rented a car for one weekend and went on a trip going south from Seoul. We started with the city of Gwangju. From there we went to a Bamboo Forest (담양대나무숲and the green tea fields of Boseong (보성녹차밭). The weather was horrible on Saturday and we just walked through the rain, but we had fun nevertheless. Expect crowds at both the Bamboo Forest and the Tea Fields no matter what the weather is like.

The night to Sunday we stayed in Suncheon, a quite seaside town. The brilliantly sunny Sunday we spent on a beach in Yeosu. A shout out to other travellers in Korea: I can highly recommend Yeosu for a weekend trip. Not only because of the nice and fairly quiet beaches (at least in late autumn), but also because of the beautiful harbour. And if you like shellfish, that’s a bonus!

For all the details of the trip I am going to let the pictures speak (or you are free to ask me of course):


I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

That’s it from me for today; I wish all of you a fantastic 2. Advent!



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